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March 13, 2012

NCAA Hoops Tourney Pool

I've gotten the question a few times, but no, we're not doing a pool this year.  I'm already in a few, some with money tangible bragging rights on the line and don't have the time to keep up with another one.

If you are looking for likeminded UGA fans, join @UGAKerri's pool.
Plenty of Dawg fans and plenty of smack talk.  Plus, I think BernieDawg won it all last year with only 27 correct picks, so as long as you don't go up against someone working with Varez Ward's bookie, you have as good a chance as anyone.



Bernie said...

If having the best looking bracket with only one coffee stain the night before the tourney started is winning, then yes...I'm the reigning champ.

Besides, I think I got 28 right. Aiming for the 30 barrier this year.

Anonymous said...

sticky wears the gray pants still

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