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April 26, 2012

Sometimes I Doubt Your Commitment to Sparkle Motion

Yeah, it has been three weeks.  I know.  I'd feed you a line about how busy I've been, what is going on, and life getting in the way, but frankly it is trite excuse making, the kind that has led to my malaise about writing. I haven't written because I haven't felt like it.

I've go the blahs. Not that I don't think Georgia athletics are necessarily blah. I remain as irrationally excited about them as ever.  However, the past month has also dealt a cold dose of reality to me:

  • Unless we change our drug testing policy to either do what we want it to, really keeping athletes from smoking the reefer, or change our policy directives, we are just hurting the program and the athletes.
  • Basketball recruiting is broken or was never fixed.
  • Gymnastics has fallen off and isn't on the direction it needs to be for us to continue to be viewed as The Program in the sport.
  • The baseball program has talent, but Perno continues to make crazy decisions and throw his players under the bus when those decisions don't work out.
  • Lady's basketball peaked eight to ten years ago.

  • The only bright spots this spring have been how well tennis is doing and the incredible football recruiting class that is shaping up for football, especially if five to seven of the early commits enroll early. And Bubba Watson winning The Masters. I don't care who you are, if you are a Dawg fan and don't get excited about that story, you have a lump of German Industripop music where your heart is.

    Now that I've gotten that off my chest. On to the Kentucky Derby. And some snark.


    Anonymous said...

    Nice Darko reference.

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