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June 14, 2012

Crap I'm Not Looking Forward to Hearing This Fall

As a part of my ongoing psychosis about the upcoming football season, here are some phrases I'm not looking forward to hearing:
  • "Harton up the middle." - By Scott Howard late in the Missouri game with us holding a six point lead.
  • "I benched him because I love him." - Mark Richt. About anyone.
  • "You try to do the things to give you the best chance to win." - Mike Bobo on why Aaron Murray has only thrown one pass to TEs in four games.
  • "Our kicker just has to do a better job of putting the ball where we want him to." - Anybody. I swear to God. Anybody.
  • "Dammit, Bobo!" - Uttered by me after Harton gets the ball on a sprint draw on third and eight.
  • "We have to have more reps out of our starters on the line to relentlessly pursue the ball the way we want to." - Grantham after Jenkins and Geathers have to have IVs in the Buffalo game.
  • "We aughta get (fill in your favorite offensive genius) to run the offense." - Any number of dumbasses sitting around me during home games.
  • "You try to do the things to give you the best chance to win." - Any coach about the near certainty of Grayhounding (fair catches on punts).
  • "Richt is making too much money for us to look this bad. We deserve better." - Same dumbasses after we beat Buffalo by *only* 15.
  • "We aughta get Kirby Smart/Gary Patterson/Urban Meyer/Gus Malzahn/Jon Gruden/Bill Cowher as head coach." - Seemingly everyone after the first loss or really, really close game.
  • "We have to have our tailbacks be competent blockers. If you can't block, you can't start in our offense." - Richt explaining why our best ball carriers aren't getting very many touches, especially in obvious running situations.
  • "That was something we felt they did a good job taking away from us." - Mike Bobo on why he didn't call any down field passes after 6 minutes into the second quarter against Vandy when we take a two TD lead, then let the team back in the game with a string of three play drives that take less than a minute off the clock in the second half.
  • "You try to do the things to give you the best chance to win." - Richt after electing to try for a FG on third down with a time out left late in a tie game against Florida.
As you can see, we can throw mother out for a while as I've got some stuff to work on with Dr. Goldberg.  I'll have my crap I'm looking forward to hearing list later.

Feel free to add your own in the comments.



Unknown said...

I hate Fair Bryant.

AuditDawg said...

"Aaron Murray has never won a game that matters" - some idiot in my section after losing a close game against a quality opponent.

Tony Waller said...

"It was only Missouri." - Mark May, after picking Missouri to beat Georgia soundly and being wrong.

Josh said...

"Shaw keeps, has 7 yards and another first down." - October 6, 2012

Anonymous said...

"Looks like Malcolm Mitchell is sitting out with what appears to be a hamstring injury."

Bernie said...

"It's time to start making our way towards the stadium." - Nama at the tailgate, at 11:00am.

Anonymous said...


TN fan

Anonymous said...

"Play action on 3rd and 12 and Murray is sacked for the 9th time this game." Scott Howard in the 4th quarter of any game this year.

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