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June 21, 2012

Dance as You May

Since the conference commissioners have agreed in principle to a four team playoff, the only thing left is for the University presidents to agree to it.  Will they? Who knows?

I do know that those yelling the loudest that the current system needs fixing because it isn't fair to some teams will find the new system equally unfair. There is no way a four team playoff, selected by some Star Chamber, will yield the 'fairness' those people demand. Just won't happen.  

In that regard, I see where my consistent adherence to a let's go back to split national champion view might be a bit wrong. I have always thought it better for the sport to have the discourse about who should be or would be the better team. That was what made college football so unique. Now we'll see if the discussion about which three to five teams got screwed in not getting picked for the four team playoff is as interesting.  My bet is that it will end about five minutes after the semifinal games are done.

That this will stop those who are constantly harping about the teams that didn't get a fair shot at the National Championship is mere folly. Of course it won't. An 11 win Boise State or Utah playing the schedules they played in 2004 aren't getting into that four team playoff, any more than they would have then (by my count, USC, Oklahoma, Texas, Auburn, Cal all would have gotten in before those two given the current discussions about schedule strength; for that matter it is possible Tennessee, Georgia and Louisville get discussion before either in 2004 and certain those three would have before Boise would have). 

The conference commissioners did what they needed to do to make a money grab, which is what this is about.  I hope they kept their bowl partners happy enough. Or there is enough money in the new system to keep an 8 team playoff out of the mix. But that is just me.



Anonymous said...

Agreed mid majors will continue to whine and cry. The only solution is to divide the BSC conferences into a separate league. Let the mid majors have their on own championship. Since this always about the money the clock is now ticking on how long it will take until the 8 or 16 team play format is added.
As for all the additional money that us ruining the sport, as a season ticket holder I wish we could see some of the benefits in facilty upgrades, ticket pricing freezes etc. it looks as if the added money has only been used to fatten coaches contracts. Those contracts have tripling in the past 5 years. Wish the general economy would have grow at the same rate over that same period.

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