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July 23, 2012

NCAA Drops Hammer on Penn State

You can read the summary of the NCAA action here, but the most interesting thing about it was how they relied on the Freeh Report, especially as it was 'more thorough than any investigation the NCAA had ever done.'  Yeah, unlimited access will get that for you.

A few thoughts:

  • There are no winners here. Don't ever forget that. The NCAA didn't act to protect or 'make up' for what happened. This was punitive, pure and simple. 
  • There will always be those that think JoePa was a patsie or worse 'did his duty' and is absolved. I think that is crazy talk and find that rationalization all too real.
  • Which is why the NCAA needed to act in this situation. We focus on the NCAA being about football, but it is about athletic programs and the member organizations that those programs represent. Failure to take some steps (or some would say slap on the wrist steps) would be tantamount to saying the NCAA is cool with covering up crimes committed by athletic staff in athletic facilities against those that are most likely to view those people and places with reverence.
  • It'll be interesting to see if Penn State gets booted from the Associate of American Universities. 
  • There are no winners here.
  • You can complain or snark about the vacated wins, but this is the only way Joe Paterno's legacy as the official record holder could be taken. Of course it is a hollow gesture, but it is the only one the NCAA has in this regard.
  • Before you get all 'no competitive advantage' on me, consider the impact of the University announcing Jerry Sandusky, the heir to Joe Paterno's throne, was arrested for child molestation...that took place in the Penn State showers. Yes, there was significant competitive advantage in covering that information up and continuing to do so despite mounting evidence that it hadn't stopped.
  • I can't imagine how unbearably hard it is to be a Penn State fan right now. I understand the need to rationalize all of this. I'd be no less a Georgia fan if this were Vince Dooley, with Mike Adams and Greg McGarity leaving the cover-up. I'd be appalled and looking for some way for it not to be true, but I'd still be a Georgia fan. We didn't exactly take the Jan Kemp thing well, did we?
  • The NCAA isn't a hero either. 
  • There are no winners here.

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Anonymous said...

Bobby Bowden is a winner in this..


BuLLdawg said...

There is no winner here, Bobby Bowden included. The victims still face years of civil suits against State College. The 513,000 alumni are in shock.

As for the football team, reduction from 25 to 15 widely reported as 40 lost signed scholarship recruits 2013 to 2017 really isn't the tip of the iceberg. It's really 20 a season, since the limit it set at 2 higher than a FCS gets of 63. Instead of 85, they have only 65 to work with, 4 fewer than we have for 2012.

Penn State's recruiting has been widely a bust anyway, with only the 2010 signing class among even the top 25 for many years now. 2010 JoePa signed 20 kids average 3.75. That was # 10 class 2010. 2011 and 2012 were not Top 25 and while 2013 stands at # 22, they cannot sign the number they already have commitments for.

I count 77 on scholarship today, not sure why so low and of the 73 19 are seniors. That leaves 58 2013. If they added the 15 maximum the NCAA will allow in 2013, that would still leave them with 73. Problem is that they cannot sign the even 15, you see ? If they did, 73 is 8 higher than the 65 maximum Penn State can have 2014-2017.

More will be explained by the 513,000 alumni over the coming months, but right now, what I see is that they cannot sign anywhere near the after sanctions 15 maximum of the 25 maximum each year the NCAA allows others.

By my count, they can sign not 15 but only 8 for 2013.

This is the 2nd largest stadium to only Michigan's Big House. This is a University which stretches across the entire state and has online courses attended by 5,000 worldwide. US News and World Report has the undergraduate program at # 45. UGA is 62. Georgie tek is # 36.

The profound effect on the poor little victims is not well-served by the $ 5 million dollar Penn State payment to JoePa at retirement. And, they have every intention of keeping the Library named for him, as is. The JoePa family continues to waste the $ 5 million trying to say he did not cover-up what he himself said during the end of his life I wish I had done more. He negotiated the $ 5 million for his family the day after his Grand Jury testimony last year.

College football has a long way to go to meet the standards of civility in simply even calling the Police for crimes.

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