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July 26, 2012

Other QB's Beer Bottle Summer Workouts

Georgia QB Aaron Murray: Situationally, it was a good time to throw beer bottles, but Bobo called a quick draw since we had already called a number of bottle throwing playes earlier. 

Vanderbilt QB Jordan Rodgers: He is throwing beer kegs and bowling balls, son. New Vandy™ represent!

Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson: He hit 32 of 40 cars in the loss.

South Carolina QB Connor Shaw: Connor Shaw is the highest class beer bottle thrower Steve Spurrier has had at South Carolina.

Missouri QB James Franklin: He's still throwing nerf beer bottles at cars.

Florida QBs Jeff Driskel/Jacoby Brissett: They suck at throwing beer bottles because [insert an it's Urban Meyer's fault line here].

Auburn QB Kiehl Frazier: 'Ok, coach called for me to throw this beer bottle. You can do this Frazier! Ok...Hike. Shit, theyareafterme!!!!' /Shits self and runs the bottle around the balcony before even bothering to looking to the parking lot for a car to throw at.

Ketucky QB [insert name of a guy that should be playing wide receiver]: Ends up having to throw from the linen closet after two false starts and a delay of game penalty.

Alabama QB AJ McCarron: He doesn't have to throw bottles. He hands the bottle to Eddie Lacy, who runs the bottle to the car.

LSU QB Zach Mettenberger: Allegedly can thrown a beer bottle at cars in parking lots across town. Not that we have any evidence of it.

Texas A&M QB Jameill Showers: It's too bad the better beer bottle throwing QB had his issues this summer. He's the awesomes. Gig'em! Whoop! /Does random, but surprisingly synchronized according class year, hand motions.  


Bernie said...

Expanding to the n. ave...

Washington pitches bottle to [lead fish fryer] who runs into balcony railing for a 2 yard gain. /sideline and 16 fans cheer

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. You forgot James Franklin.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Thanks. I had him in the draft. I must have deleted it and not noticed.

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