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August 28, 2012

Buffalo Game Depth Chart Released

Get it here, along with the game notes.
No real surprises. Merritt Hall then Richard Samuel at FB. Mitchell beating out Swann at CB (more on that below). Barber and Marshall at punter and kicker.

A few things:
  • First, we have Mitchell imprinted on our minds as a stand out receiver, which he is.  Let's not forget that he was the number 7 corner back in the nation coming out of high school, and of those in the top ten, is becoming the third to start at corner back for his team.  
  • Second, Mitchell and Smith on kick off returns really makes me excited. 
  • Third, note that Baccari and Ogletree are listed as first teamers, something Emerson is saying don't put stock in.

The only other thing of interest is seeing Gurley and Marshall as co-number 2s at RB.  I expect to see Boo, Marshall and Gurley get equal numbers of touches.. Oh, and it is interesting to see Ramik Wilson at the outside linebacker position over Josh Dawson.  Expect to see plenty of both of them.

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Josh Lane said...

has anybody ever tried to watch a game live on GTV? Does it really work, or do they black them out? We canceled our cable this year, so it's the only way I can watch it at my house. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Mitchell was the #1 corner in the nation according to Rivals. Swann was #3. Could be a pretty nice combo in '13.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Just looked at the Rival's numbers. Seth Emerson noted that Mitchell didn't play much CB at Valdosta, but apparently he has game, either way.

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