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August 23, 2012

Da'Rick Rogers Suspended from Tennessee

Tennessee WR Da'Rick Rogers was indefinitely suspended from Tennessee today for [INSERT REASON]. It shouldn't come as a surprise considering [INSERT ANY NUMBER OF REASONS] and how he threatened to [INSERT EITHER 'TRANSFER' OR 'BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF MORE COPS'] earlier.

Rogers, who's best friend [NASH NANCE or SOME SNARK ABOUT LANE KIFFIN'S RECRUITING CLASS] left the team, has shown a propensity for [IGNORING RULES or BEATING UP PEOPLE or HIDING UNDER CARS IN BAR PARKING LOTS AFTER BEATING UP PEOPLE] and has been a major distraction for [DOOLEY'S HAIR or MOMMA'S BABY BOY]. He flirted with transferring to the [CALIFORNIA PENAL LEAGUE or ALABAMA STATE] in the Spring.

It looks like he might have finally worn out his welcome with [SEPARATE SNARK ABOUT DOOLEY'S HAIR]. Or not.


The only thing I didn't write about this piece back in May was 'indefinitely suspended' (I had kicked off) and the link to the actual story. I'm not that good.


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