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August 7, 2012

Nice Richard Tardits Piece

Loran Smith catches up with one of my favorite former Dawgs. He had 29 sacks in his career at Georgia. Not bad for a kid from France that had never seen a down of football until he moved to Athens. That is what natural athletic talent will get you.

Having gone to school with him, I can say unequivocally that the use of a French accent is a far better way to meet girls than being a football player. He was quite a talent at that, as well. He single handedly changed many, many Georgians' perceptions about French folks.

All around, just a fun guy to be around.


-Loran's visit with Le Sack last year (ABH)


Smitty said...

Great story. We doing the Fun Office Pool thing this year???

Anonymous said...

great read. i wasn't aware of richard tardits and the exceptional life he's lead

Anonymous said...

In about 1984, I was at a party with a friend, a 6 foot blonde. Tardits came to the party, saw my date, and immediately came up to her with his French accent, asking her if she was interested in inter-cultural communication. She was beside herself because a football player was hitting on her. He was so funny that I was laughing too.

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