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September 16, 2012

3 Questions Answered: FAU

  1. What does post Missouri let down look like? I guess it looks like going back to the base defense and not worrying about stats. Still, it took a couple of possessions for the defense to get their legs under them (123 of FAU's 318 yards were gained in the 1Q). I'll get around to re-watching it later, but out side of one terrible decision by Murray and a couple of missed blocking assignments early, I didn't see any let down from the offense.
  2. Can we please just stop with the hurry up and wait offense? I didn't see it this week at all. 
  3. Do we move the scoring defense line down? Two offensive TDs, one on a 43 yard run, the other set up by a 48 yard pass play. 14 points. The continuing concern by Grantham about giving up big plays remain, however.


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