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September 21, 2012

3 Questions: Vandy

Well, the date we've been waiting for is almost here....

  1. Where has Vandy's rushing defense gone? Yes, I know they shut out something called the Blue Hose last week. They also allowed South Carolina and Northwestern over four yards per carry. Last year, they held South Carolina to just above 3.25 ypc. While they have been good against the pass (Connor Shaw looked utterly flustered before he went down), neither Northwestern or South Carolina has shown the ability to stretch the field with the passing game like we have. Northwestern has only 9 pass plays that have gone over 15 yards on the season. Maybe the real question here is how effectively can we run the ball?
  2. Can Murray settle down enough early to make Vandy's QB choice irrelevant? Franklin has mentioned he won't name his starter before kickoff. My money is on Carta-Samuels. Either way, Vandy is a run first team with Zac Stacy. If we put them in a hole, they have to look to the passing game. If Murray is on, it could get ugly pretty early, especially if we are also able to run the ball on them.
  3. Is this the game the Defense has been waiting on? Look, we've played competent defense against all three opponents. Everyone thought we'd be lights out defensively, and we have the team to be that, yet we just haven't shown a dominating performance. We played well against Missouri, but Jarvis' superhuman performance was far more important than the team's performance. We played really well for a half against Buffalo and FAU. If we don't get a strong game-long performance out of the defense tomorrow night, I'll official be worried, regardless of who we get back for Tennessee.


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