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September 23, 2012


Before you go all 'it was only Vandy' on me, let us not forget what happened last year...or for that matter any number of years over the years. As much as we've had their number, they often times turn in their best game of the season against us.

That being said, wow.  I figured we'd win and probably big. I had no idea we'd treat them like we could have the MAC and Sun Belt teams we have already played.  I'll re-watch later, but a couple of statistical things jumped out at me:

  • Aaron Murray - 18/24, 250 yards, 2TDs (Plus 1 TD rushing) in 3 quarters.
  • Georgia's 2 Freshman RBs - 8.2 ypc on 26 touches
  • Marlon Brown - 5 catches, 114 yards, 1 TD
  • Amarlo Herrera - 8 tackles, 6 solo
  • Jarvis Jones - No stats needed
The Dawgs showed up and kept Vandy out of the end zone. Vandy gained a lot of yards for a team that only scored once (owing to a missed FG, an unconverted 4th down attempts, and a fumble into the end zone). For that matter, Vandy was right in the middle of the ypg range (337) that Georgia has been allowing, yet it never felt like Georgia wasn't in control. Vandy had more yards in the second half, something that a Georgia opponent hasn't done this season, so Grantham has some thing to get on his unit about.

Hey, I'll take 10 more of these, though.


Paul Westerdawg said...

My dad said, "Old Vandy never got whipped like that by us. New Vandy sucks."

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