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September 17, 2012

FAU Final Review

Getting right to it....

  • If Murray doesn't throw that interception, this is easily his best game. His throws were on the money. He made good decisions. He ran through his progressions well.
  • Give Bobo credit. We have some interesting wrinkles in the play calling and formations. We ran out of the pistol. The pistol!
  • I've been waiting for Artie Lynch to catch a pass alone and see if a Dback could bring him down. The answer is no.
  • As good as we looked, we have to stop with the turnovers. At some point, that is going to catch up to us.
  • Unless, of course, we continue to have big take aways immediately after those turnovers.
  • I know it was FAU and we adjusted, but we looked in the weeds defensively until the end of the 1st quarter. Blame it on Jarvis being gone. Blame it on Commings and Vasser being back in. Whatever it was, that isn't going to cut it later in the season.
  • Although 66 yards allowed in the second half will do nicely the rest of the season.
  • But Vasser showed up with something to prove, didn't he?
  • As did Bennett. Four huge catches.
  • LeMay: Not ready.
  • Quayvon Hicks: Very ready.
  • Great games by Marshall and Gurley. And Malcolm. Boo was the go to bruiser back.
Overall, we have stuff to work on defensively. We didn't blitz and were in a base coverage a lot, but it doesn't excuse the miscommunication we saw early. Again, we adjusted spectacularly and brought the wood the second half. Offensively, I'll take that every week.



Anonymous said...

It was FAU.... Perhaps Bobo will break out the wrinkles on offense for SEC teams we play.... instead the RB draw on 3rd and long.

ColumbiaDawg said...

I thought I was seeing things when they ran the pistol. I didn't realize that Bobo was even aware of that formation.

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