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September 14, 2012

Florida-Tennesse Game or Why I Think It is Ok to Root for the Mayans to be Right

This is a weird week. CBS isn't covering Florida at Tennessee. They will be at Alabama-Arkansas, a game they picked many weeks ago, and I am sure they'd like to have the option to reconsider that decision. The coaches aren't smack talking. It seems that my father's always prophetic 'the sun don't shine on the same dogs ass every day' is now true. This ain't your 2000 Tennessee-Florida game. Both are rebuilding and both are looking to show they belong back at the top of the SEC East.

Still. Still, I can't find myself wanting one team to lose more than the other. Perhaps it is because this game always (well, almost always) has been the first SEC game of the season for either. Needing one team to lose has a way of making strange rooting interest. I honestly don't want either team to win. I want them both to lose. Badly, if at all possible. A 32-30, quintuple overtime game that ended at 9-9 in regulation would suit me.

So, I guess I hope Pwnn Wagers is in Knoxville and finds a way to penalize both teams into the stone ages. Oh, and I hope Dooley's hair gets mussed. That would be awesome.



Paul Westerdawg said...

A UT win is my preferred outcome. It would almost assure UT of being Top 15 when they come to Athens. Thus beefing up the perception of our schedule. Plus, I would rather Precious stay at UT.

They are still going to lose to us, Bama and probably SC.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Maybe in the darkest recesses of my heart, I'd agree. I'm still many sessions of therapy from getting that deep.

Except for the Precious thing. I totally want him to stay at Tennessee.

1950Dawg said...

I wouldn't pull for Tennessee against Notre Dame. I hope Florida scores 50. Either way we play both in the next 6 weeks.

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