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September 24, 2012

Georgia at South Carolina Kickoff Time Announced

Looks like we'll get a night tilt at Williams Brice. 7pm on ESPN. It is going to have to be some Old Testament style stuff for that to be the hottest place on the planet for the Georgia-South Carolina game this year.

I figured this to be a 3:30 kickoff, with it likely being two top 10 teams. I guess LSU helping keep Chizik employed nearly losing to Auburn made CBS decide that would be a more compelling match up.

Ed note: Jim from Duluth mentioned that ESPN has two wild cards this year and thinks they used one on this game, which totally makes sense. He also thinks GameDay will be at the Fairgrounds if both teams win this weekend.  He isn't the best in the business for nothing, folks.

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Anonymous said...

Rumors are going around that ESPN used their wild card pick (granted to them for giving CBS last year's Bama-LSU game)on the Georgia-Carolina game because they wanted Gameday there and the game on their Network. Going to Gainesville wasn't in the plans having already been to 2 Florida games.

Anonymous said...

Gameday is going to be in Columbia - confirmed.

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