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September 12, 2012

Notre Dame to the ACC

While the Irish haven't been as recently relevant nationally in football as they suppose themselves to be, they still have a very dedicated and devoted fan base. And their own TV deal. Plus, as a basketball member, they do add something.

With five ACC games, you have to think their annual games against some of the B1G teams are in jeopardy, right? They already play Boston College, so adding four other teams means some of Notre Dame's annual games have to be in play. No way they give up the Southern Cal game.

Also, how much does Jack Swarbrick hate Jim Delany to go to the ACC over the B1G?



Update: It is a real thing:


Hunker Down said...

Geographically, it's a perfect fit. I mean it IS east of the Mississippi River.

Seems that eventually they will become a full football member as well.

Anonymous said...

Duke, NC State, Wake, North Carolina, Maryland, Boston College, Syracuse are all games ND should usually win. Gives 'em more wins, more $. Its a chickens**T move.

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