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September 25, 2012

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 4

My ballot.
  1. Alabama - I have a feeling Saban is about to give the Rebels an object lesson in not having time for this shit. 
  2. LSU - I came close to dropping them due to Metts awesome 'stache, but it is awesomer than side tatts.
  3. Georgia - First complete game of the season. It'd be cool with me to hold out Rambo and Ogletree a couple of series this week just to screw with media.
  4. South Carolina - Ok, so Shaw has settled down. The defense is looking good. No wonder Spurrier didn't want to talk to the media.
  5. Florida - Sorry, until they play LSU, the max for them will be 5th.
  6. Mississippi State - So, what team is the real Mississippi State, the one's that pantsed Auburn or the one that struggled to beat Troy? We probably won't know for a couple of more weeks.
  7. Texas A&M - At some point, you have win a game against someone in a better conference. Will this be the week with Arkansas on the docket?
  8. Tennessee - Don't. Mess. With. Precious. -Barbara Dooley
  9. Ole Miss - Is there a worse 3-1 team in the nation?
  10. Missouri - Are we ready to say it was definitely the Big 12 defenses?
  11. Vandy - Old Vandy=New Vandy™
  12. Auburn - Good job. Good effort.
  13. UL- Monroe - Got to think they beat Auburn four weeks out of five.
  14. Rutgers - They got a break by catching Arkansas in a down week.
  15. Kentucky - Nothing says fat guy touchdown like Jarred Lorenzen.
  16. Arkansas - Dumpster Fires are insulted by Arkansas.


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