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September 3, 2012

SEC Power Poll, Week 1

My first week power poll. Since it is a power poll, I get to make some...educated...guesses about the quality of opponent and such. Being this early, it is hard to say anything beyond Alabama's shellacking of Michigan offers any true guidance on the 'power' of teams.

  1. Alabama - I predict Alabama will have to lose two games to not get into the BCS NCG.
  2. LSU - Feasted on a cupcake, but did it with offense. Haticus Finch just laughs at your 'conventions.'
  3. Georgia - Yeah, I know I'll get flack for this. I might regret this vote after I re-watch the game.
  4. Arkansas - Losing to a 1-AA team any time after the first drive of the game is a concern. The good news is they got things moving along....finally.
  5. South Carolina - Ugly early season game for Spurrier on the road. Shaw's injury should give Carolina fans plenty of concern. Still leading the East, so they have that going for them.
  6. Tennessee - Honestly, I didn't think they'd look so proficient moving the football. That they did is a testament to Bray's abilities.
  7. Missouri - I could co-rank them with Tennssee and South Carolina. Looked extremely ready for the SEC, what with starting the season outmatching a Div I-AA weakling.
  8. Florida - Good news, Muschamp's QB experiment is over. Bad news, it didn't result in any new QBs joining the team.
  9. Mississippi State - I didn't know Jackson was even a state.
  10. Vandy - Played tough, but didn't get the breaks. A bit of Old Vandy to go with the New Vandy.
  11. Texas A&M - Probably could rank them 8th just the same as 11th. We'll know much more this time next week.
  12. Auburn - Really? Clemson? By the transitive property, Auburn lost to West Virginia by 96 points.
  13. Ole Miss - Lap up the win Rebel Bear fans. It'll be a while before you get another. 
  14. Kentucky - So Max Smith is a baller. Can he play defense?


Anonymous said...

You can't be serious. UGA in 3rd? You and I clearly were at 2 different games. That was one of the most embarrassing displays I've witnessed in the Richt era. That Offensive line, like all Richt Offensive lines, is young, slow, fat & weak. He knows nothing different evidently. And I'm sick to death of hearing the excuse that our defense was missing 4 starts. It was BUFFALO for crying out loud. If we play like we did Saturday at Missouri, we're going to solidify ourselves as the most overrated joke in the SEC.

Tyler Dawgden said...

I'm not making excuses about the game at all. I am comparing the teams that played on Saturday and the players each team put on the field with how I think they'd do playing each other.

Who would you put 3rd?

Arkansas, who was losing to DI-AA Jacksonville State into the 2nd Q, allowed the same number of points to them and only scored four more than we did?

South Carolina, who needed all the official help to keep from losing to Vandy (who, by the way, isn't that big of a leap talent wise, from Buffalo) and is likely playing with their only competent QB hurt?

Tennessee, who played well, but also allowed 400 yards to an offense that is geared towards FGs and hope and will not win more than three games in the ACC?


Look, be pissed about Georgia's performance all you want. I certainly am not happy with it. But ranking them 6th or 7th because 'we shoulda blown out Buffalo' (which we did) doesn't follow any rationale other than being pissed we didn't beat Buffalo 52-0.

All four of the teams I have in 3-6 *should* have played better. All four *should* have held their opponents to fewer points and yards, and should have scored more.

How would you rank them?

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