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September 12, 2012

Vandy's Franklin: Trust the Process

I think we all agree that Jamey Franklin's first trip to Athens would be off the hook after last year's antics. Now, we get a night game?

It isn't hard to say that the crowd will be as electric as it would be for anyone save Auburn or Tech (or possibly Tennessee). Now, Franklin is feeling some need to tell folks New Vandy is alive and well:
Yeah. I'm guessing the process will involve intentional attempts to injure players questionable blocking schemes and mouthing off at Todd Grantham's players discussing play with Georgia's players after the game, too?

Tickets and parking available for the Vandy Game - lower level starting at $55


Russ for UGA President in '013 said...

One Jamey Franklin Down, One to go! Same old Vanderbilt!

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