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October 19, 2012

3 Questions: Kentucky

  1. Can we get the offensive mojo back? Yeah, I know. 
  2. Can we hold Kentucky scoreless? Dude, we need an overwhelming effort defensively. Not just a good game. A pure ass whipping. I know it is Kentucky. I know they are an awful offensive team. I know. We need this.
  3. Can we please just have a game where we don't give up a long play or five? This goes along with number 2, but getting back on the train to show we can do this. Of course, actually doing it would be nice.
We aren't going to wash the shitburger taste from the Carolina game out in one game. There will be those that get all 'whatever, it's Kentucky.' Those same will have a duck fit if we don't utterly dominate the Wildcats.  Here's hoping we can do so.



Hunkering Hank said...

Whatever, it's Kentucky.

Aladawg said...

As I long into your blog as I sit in my hotel in the commonwealth preparing to take on the horses at Keeneland I believe I will answer your 3 questions.

1) 51 yards thru 3 quarters?????? Yeah I know we had a lot of passing yards and still a lot of drops, but are you kidding me? 51 yards. Our o-line is physically weak. Gracious, Florida will grind our line up like chuck going thru a 3/8th grind for hamburgers.
2) This was quite the overwhelming performance. I'm so tired of "playing the wait to see their personnel" crap. Half our D is always looking at the sideline when the ball is snapped. Hoe can Jenkins and Geathers get shoved around like sissies............Maybe they are. And don't even ask me who #83 is because just as well play with 10 players with him in.
3) You even asked please.........
Yeah I'll be in Jacksonville and yeah you never know, but I'll take Florida and I'll give the points.........

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