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October 24, 2012

Helps or hurts?

So, does Williams' calling out his unit help or hurt? For my money, it helps. I'd probably like to have seen it a week ago and in private (and it appears it was in private Saturday night), but overall his comments are probably those that echo what the players have been hearing from Coach Grantham for three weeks. And he was right.

Now, should he have called out specific players? I think that is a matter of team dynamics and the ability of those specific players to handle that kind of criticism. Based on what I've seen out of Christian Robinson over the years, I think he is absolutely strong enough, both as a player and team leader, to see Williams' comments for what they are. It appears Gilliard has handled it appropriately, as well.

I would expect (hope?) those players to take offense at it. It wasn't a compliment. We aren't playing YMCA football here. We are playing in the SEC. If you can't handle someone speaking their mind about the state of play of a defensive unit that has played soft, you are never going to be able to deal with smack talk from a smart ass SEC West offensive lineman in November. Or Pwn Wagers.

Obviously, I have definite opinions about it, but I'd be curious what you think.


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Sports Dawg said...

It will all come out in the wash Saturday afternoon.

MarkS31 said...

I agree with your thoughts. Somebody sure needed to say something.

I also agree that it may have been more appropriate in private. However, one pro to these comments being in public is that the fans can at least see the players do indeed care, which I think a portion of the fanbase had been doubting in recent weeks. . .

A good kick-in-the-ass was what we needed so we can make it two in a row this weekend. Go Dawgs!

Slic Ric said...

The message was great. The method maybe not so much. At this point though I'm glad he did it and I hope it pissed the whole defense off. The Gators are going smash us and, dare I say it, I don't think we're "man enough" right now to hit them back.

DC Dawg said...

I think it's funny that it was Sean Williams' comments that were offensive and not what Clowny and USC did a few weeks ago nor was the beat down LSU gave in the SEC CG or the near misses last year in Vandy and then this year against UK. A man telling them they're soft hurt more than an opposing team physically taking it to them.

Sean Williams is a senior doing what a senior should do. The message isn't always pretty but that's the job of a leader. Get your men to do their job in spite of how they perceive you after.

DawgZilla said...

The defense has been gashed since the first game. They have not played better since the return of the suspendees. No more excuses. Sanders Commings has used "lack of focus" and "we played lazy" as his diagnosis the last couple of weeks. All I know is John Jenkins' uniform stayed pristeenly white for damn near the whole game last week. I don't know what it is but ALL of the starters except for Amarlo, Damian, and Jordan seem like they are already getting prepared for the trip to Indianapolis...mentally and effort-wise. Just an observation from a Dawg fan who bleeds red and black and who is extremely disillusioned with the defense.

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