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October 6, 2012

Is it ok

If I worry about the offense now?


KY_Dawg said...

Why? Bobo's not concerned about it.

Anonymous said...

Better worry about the program as a whole not just the offense. Exposed on national TV as a fraud just like the Alabama game in 2008. Just when we think the program has turned a corner this happens. No excuse for not having the team ready to play tonight.

PatinDC said...

I suppose I will have to treat this game the way it was when Spurrier was a FLA. A ahte filled dump. I will no longer put myself thru any games with Spurrier. Why toture myself. Good Kids, bad result as always.

Hate your new comment moderating. Assholes who post ruin it for the rest of us.

Carlton said...

Oh, look, Bobo just ran the inside trap again.

Anonymous said...

Well TD, I have been one of the old guys desperately wanting a "Good Guy" (Richt) to succeed. At this point, and obviously you wait until the end of the year for final evaluation. We have a problem at the top. This was not just an offensive implosion. this was a complete implosion. I mean 10 passes to get to 35 points. Disgusting. The fan support base in higher echelons has to be seriously deteriorating. The only way to salvage this season is to win out get lucky and get to the championship game and win and I just don't see any way of that happening.

Anonymous said...

I'm no longer worried about anything concerning UGA. I accept that as long as Richt is here this is exactly what we are. I think he's a nice person. But he's a boy scout in a world of cut throats. He's the dean of SEC coaches but is also the kid that won't take on the bullies when he's called out.

And there will always be times when his team gets smacked in the mouth and won't go down swinging.

hephreb said...

Was at the game and the boys looked uninterested and were not ready to play. Can't keep running the same plays and think you are going to do something on offense. The carolina fans I was near kept commenting on how they couldn't believe how GA was playing and they looked like they were playing east carolina. Not that they were sad about it. I thought this was a rerun of the Bama game in 08 except that team did try to fight back and not look like they wanted to go home after Carolina made the first touchdown. The definitely were not prepared to play this game at all and had no motivation and played with no heart. I love my Dawgs but holy cow, that was so bad I couldn't say anything but get mad. I have been a Dawg fan for all of my 43 years and this was my first live game I have ever seen them play and had to watch that mess was needless to say disappointing and upsetting. I hope somebody has come to Jesus meeting with somebody to fix this mess.

Anonymous said...

The point in the game I knew we were done--I can't remember exactly when, but still early, down 21-0. We had 3rd and long and had already proved we couldn't run the ball. So what do we do? Throw in the towel and run off tackle. Hell, I would've been ok with a trick play at that point. At least it would've showed somebody cared

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