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October 22, 2012

Kentucky Questions Answered

  1. Can we get the offensive mojo back? You know, when a buddy texted me Murray's stats, I didn't believe them. I knew he was having a good game, but had no idea it was that good. As for the running game, I guess we got tired of those big runs we were getting from the pistol. Or something. 
  2. Can we hold Kentucky scoreless? [indiscriminate ranting] [invectives] *balls up in the corner rocking* *chain smokes*
  3. Can we please just have a game where we don't give up a long play or five? Well, see, what had happened was....
So if we are to have any hope of anything, Murray is going to have to have a 600 yard game after we run the ball up the middle 12 times to start the game. While hoping to tackle Florida inside the sidelines so the clock will run faster.  

No problem.


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