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October 29, 2012

Possible Lines on all BCS NCG contenders

I have some quibble with including UGA on this list, but I guess you have to think we could still be in the hunt.

OregonBama -5
Kansas StBama -10.5UO -5
NDBama -13UO -9KSU -2.5
LSUUO -5LSU -1LSU -3.5
GeorgiaBama -14UO -8.5KSU -3UGA -1LSU -3
FloridaBama -10.5UO -4.5UF -1UF -4UF -1UF -3
Florida StBama -9UO -3FSU -2.5FSU -4.5FSU -2FSU -4FSU -2.5

Getting to the nuts and bolts of things, Georgia would be favored over only one team, Notre Dame, of the top seven teams in contention. Bama and Oregon are the favorites, but it is interesting to me that FSU is a close third, basically favored over the rest of the field. Notre Dame is favored over no one and with Georgia carries the highest lines against the other teams.

Oh, and didn't Georgia already beat Florida on a neutral field? I guess bettors think Richt can't win a big game...again.



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