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October 9, 2012

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 6

  1. Alabama - Is it possible to get a bye week bump if you are already number one?
  2. South Carolina -Spurrier's best coaching job since his Florida days. Just really impressive how prepared he got his team for Georgia.
  3. Florida - Got the break of playing LSU when the rest of the world thought the Tigers were immortal.
  4. LSU - It is possible they beat Auburn -9 to -24 in a rematch.
  5. Georgia - Probably am ranking them too low, but I can't get the impression of Connor Shaw making sweet sex with my girlfriend, 'just cause he can,' out of my head.
  6. Mississippi State - One more win and they can go ahead and book hotels in Shreveport.
  7. Texas A&M - Good news: A top 25 match up this week. Bad news: They are likely to lose to Louisiana Tech.
  8. Tennessee - The best 0-2 team in the conference.
  9. Vanderbilt - Hey. A road win. New Vanderbilt is a real thing.
  10. Mississippi - The worst 0-2 team in the conference.
  11. Missouri - The best 0-3 team in the conference.
  12. Arkansas - I wanted to rank them higher. After all, they have won a road conference game. However, when you look at teams 9-12, they just seem to keep falling to the bottom.
  13. Kentucky - Any chance Kentucky has for a road win comes this week in Arkansas. 
  14. Auburn - Auburn might not score least until they get in a bidding war with Arkansas for Gus Malzahn.


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