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October 15, 2012

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 7

  1. Alabama - Neither snow, nor lighting, nor gloom of night can stop the Tide.
  2. Florida - Gators keep showing they are all the way back. Can they make the World's Largest Cocktail Party a de facto BCS National Championship Game quarterfinal?
  3. LSU - The Tigers have some work to do before they can claim they are all the way back. I'd start with letting Brad Wing be QB.
  4. South Carolina - Pretty sure Spurrier is also blaming the traffic on I-95 around South of the Border on Connor Shaw.
  5. Georgia - Coach Mark Richt has lost control of the off week.
  6. Mississippi State - If Georgia was 3-0 in the conference with wins over Tennessee, Auburn and Kentucky, would they be ranked lower?
  7. Texas A&M - There is some solace in not blowing the big lead, right?
  8. Arkansas - John L. Smith has some investments to sell you if you think they are really back.
  9. Ole Miss - If they only could get three more Auburn games on their schedule....
  10. Vandy - With Auburn coming to town, this is the week for James Franklin to really give the New Vandy thing a good run through.
  11. Tennessee - The Vols are 6-0, counting moral victories.
  12. Missouri - Unfortunately for Mizzou, the weather let up before the conference could call off their game.
  13. Auburn - All you need to know about Auburn is the high point of their conference season so far is a perfect onside kick.
  14. Kentucky - Got a break with the weather on Saturday night, allowing them to escape Arkansas with just a  42 point loss.


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