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October 3, 2012

South Carolina Tailgating Scene

I'm reserving judgement until I get over there, as past experiences keep tainting my perceptions.  First off, it won't be the center of the sun hot unless the Mayans are right. That alone will make the experience unique. Second off, they've done some significant improvements to the parking areas. Gone are the muddy wastelands barren savaannah open field parking areas surrounded by warehouses. Apparently, they have been beautifying the whole area, although I have to think there are still plenty of warehouses around.

Still, going to Columbia, especially for a night game, should be fun. I'd expect South Carolina fans to be South Carolina fans. Not having been in some time, I'd appreciate any advice as to where to park/tailgate.


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Anonymous said...

We always park on Bluff road next to the local chicken restaurant(I forget the name) There are some banks and businesses. It is easy in and easy out. They do a good job. You go I-20 East to I-26 South to I-77 North to Bluff road. Parking is usually $15-30 depending on how far from the stadium you are.

Anonymous said...

For the past 5 trips over for this game we have been parking at the minor league baseball stadium off Assembly St. It's $20 and has never been more than 3/4 full.

Unknown said...

TD, I've always parked by the railroad tracks off George Rogers or the warehouses off Shop which is a short walk to the stadium. But anon has the right idea setting up shop by Bojangles. Come by and join us at the lumber yard if you're parked in the area.

Dawgfan70 said...

the SC parking office is advising people to park at the minor league stadium. According to staff they are setting up for the State fair and have taken some of the alumni and RV lots at the fairgrounds. So I have no idea what that means for other parking. We are just parking RV at the Capital City Stadium.

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