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October 2, 2012

Tennessee Final Thoughts

Got the chance to see the game again.
  • We should never do that little back in motion with a toss sweep option again. We fumbled it in Missouri. We nearly did so against Tennessee.
  • Merritt Hall's blocking is getting better and better. His seal block on Georgia's first TD was as text book as it gets.
  • Ogletree made some big plays. He also was out of position, especially early, on blitzes and pass coverage assignments. More game reps will yield fewer of those mistakes, as he significantly improved on pass coverage as the game wore on.
  • Rambo had the same issues, especially trying to cover deeper pass plays.
  • When are we going to end the ruse and just take anachronistic penalties that never get called like illegal scrum and holding out of the rule book?
  • John Theus had a better game. He still has some to go.
  • Hey, someone need to let Branden Smith know he cannot let a top level receiver get behind him. Patterson's drop in the first half masked as bad a missed coverage as he's had at Georgia.
  • Burnette completely whiffed on Lathers' sack and forced fumble.
  • When we are down deep, why not run the play action quick slant to Bennett, who had single coverage  playing 15 yards off the line?
  • What's a brother gotta do to get a block in the back call?
  • Hey, I like the fake punt show there, but why not just keep the offense out? Murray can pull them of sides just the same, right? Besides, with our running game (and the threat of if), there is always an opportunity for Murray to check into something that will get the yard.
  • The blitzes we ran in the 4th weren't effective (save one). Not sure if we had more mis-communication or what, but too often we had a guy blitzing from 20 yards off the ball/line. 
  • For the rest of the fourth quarter, go here.
After watching it, I am willing to admit we were more dynamic in the fourth than I gave us credit for. The offense, when it clicks, is a beautiful thing, especially with the way the offensive line handles their business on certain blocking schemes. The play calling was very strong at times, as it seemed we knew just what set to run a play from to specifically handle their defense. 

The defense has work to do. Some of that will become less of an issue as the players become more comfortable in their roles (something, now that I think about it, that could be said for the freshmen playing offense). Some, you have to hope we become more able to shed blockers and make plays closer to the line on running plays. However, our biggest issue is our inability to press man coverage on big receivers. Fortunately  we won't see a pair of receivers like we saw on Saturday night for some time.   


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