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October 4, 2012

What will South Carolina's offense look like?

I'll give you a hint:
“Watching that pro game last night with all the interceptions and the quarterback being hit and fumbling, I was thinking ‘Our guy doesn’t do that,’ ” Spurrier said Tuesday. “Hopefully, our guy doesn’t do those kinds of things. That’s why we want someone like Connor, not for the brilliant plays, but for the lack of those real bad plays that really hurt you.”
I'll do more break down tonight, but Shaw has been money, completing 80% of his passes the past two games. Lattimore looks to be coming back into form. As much as it bores Spurrier to go boring old power I and zone-read, we'll see plenty of those 4 yard runs and 4 yard pass plays Saturday night.

To stop South Carolina, we'll have to force them to be fancier than they want to be.


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