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November 30, 2012

3 Questions: Alabama

Well, I've avoided this moment by looking at the schedules and by looking at offensive diversity, but I guess I have to focus on the three things that makes me wonder about what'll happen in the Dome on Saturday.

  1. Can the offensive line keep the 'Bama front seven at bay enough to allow the offense to function? If we allow Nico Johnson and Ed Stinson to run willy-nilly in the backfield, we'll have to hold Alabama to negative points in order to win. I don't hold any illusions about keeping them out all night. That's crazy talk. I am talking about keeping them out enough to give Murray time to find receivers. I am talking about making holes enough to give some running options and allow the play action to work. I am talking enough to allow us to sneak out the TE a time or three. 
  2. Will the defense weather a good offense? The last time Georgia faced an offense that has the dynamism to disrupt a very good defense, Georgia did ok. The two times before that, Georgia's defense got scorched for 770 yards. I have confidence in the talent on defense to hold their own. I worry about the defense falling behind, then fall apart. We saw that happen in Columbia, so you know Nick Saban did. This is the first team we have faced since then that can put us in difficult situations.
  3. How much will special teams matter? Our kickoff's have been doing great. I'll take seven touch backs Saturday. Punt coverage is doing ok. As much as I hate the idea of fair catching every punt, the lack of drama there appeals to me. Then there is the place kicking game. Morgan has been solid and it looks like he has his mojo back.  I hope he gets his and them some Saturday.
I'm off to Atlanta tonight. Go Dawgs!



Newt said...

You'll take 7 touchbacks? I would say so. I'll take 7 kick-offs, period.

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