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November 2, 2012

3 Questions: Mississippi

Been a crazy week. Work and other stuff has been slamming me around. I'm glad tomorrow's game is at 3:30, because a noon game might push me beyond....
  1. Will we bring the intensity? I'm thinking it. You are thinking it. The whole world is thinking it. You know why? Because we have shown time and again a lack of intensity in games like this. I don't have the time or inclination to do a list, but it probably starts with someone like Mercer in 1897 and continues to the Kentucky game a couple of weeks ago. 
  2. Can the defense make good on last week's enormous show of promise? Mississippi's offense is a lot like Florida's, but they throw the ball with much more competence. If we can bring the same intensity and improve in the places where we have the most likely place to do so (I'm thinking having Ogletree have a big game is place number one), we'll be sitting pretty defensively.
  3. Can the offensive line play the game they did last week? There were some lapses, sure, but they did pretty well against a unit that has some very good players. I re-watched Kentucky last night, and I had nightmares about the offensive line. I'd have been in a level III funk if I'd have watched that game again before Florida. The offensive line play was way worse on TV than it looked in Commonwealth  Just missed assignments, getting stood up on the line, taking bad angles on rushing plays, getting physically manhandled, and all by a defense that hasn't exactly been the most physically imposing in the nation SEC state of Kentucky. Ole Miss' defense is middle of the pack (upper 40's nationally in rushing, passing and scoring defense), but is 20th nationally in sacks and 16th nationally in tackles for loss, so they can be disruptive. A strong offensive line performance will help make Saturday much less stressful than this week has been.


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