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November 7, 2012

Auburn: A Case Study in Fail

Nevah laid a glove on me.
Two years removed from a national championship, Auburn in in trouble. Not the kind of trouble they were in during that year. No. There is dissension. Dissension on campus. Dissension in the locker room. Dissension in the President's office. Dissension among the alumni.

The latest news of that dissension is the hiring of a private security firm to enforce weeknight curfews on players, even those living off campus. Game eve curfews are a normal thing. Unless you are Stephen Garcia. Mere things like rules can't hold a playa like SGar down. A weeknight curfew? Damn. I'm pretty sure those guys are called consultants in Tuscaloosa.

I'm not here to judge their issues. I'm here to enjoy them. Here's hoping the NCAA has just hired Charles Robinson to go snooping around in Auburn.



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