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November 11, 2012

Equation for Losing

When Auburn hired Gene Chizik, we all thought it was an interesting hire. It looked to be very interesting, but for different reasons, as they won the 2010 National Championship. Gene Chizik has a ring, y'all. We can debate the hows or whys, but the fact remains until the NCAA steps in, he has a ring.
Chizik's biggest problem (Image:

Now, could he be fired two season removed from the National Championship?

I don't see another Cam Newton coming down the track. Auburn was mediocre last season, then they had Gus Malzahn and Ted Roof (I seriously just typed that) leave. Willie Martinez has slower and shorter Dbacks to work with than he ever had at Georgia. They've had some serious talent depletion in Auburn. They still have SEC caliber players, but it sure seems like they have some structural issues with both the offense and defense. 

In short, the AD has to ask himself "Can Gene Chizik fix this mess?" 

There is nothing in his background to make me think he's that guy, but I don't have to write a check for $7.5M to make that happen either. If it were me, I'd keep him around another year or two. Let's see what he can get done. 

Of course, I am a pretty big Georgia fan, so my thinking might be a bit less geared towards what is best for Auburn.



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