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November 11, 2012

Georgia Jumps Alabama in Coaches' Poll

Surprised me a bit. Dawgs come in at 4th.

ESPN's Brad Edwards has us moving to 4th in the BCS Poll this week, although it'll take some major moves in the computer polls for that to happen, as we were 6th last week.
The margin over Alabama in the Coaches' poll will probably be not enough (just 17 points) to overcome whatever crap the Wolfe and Colley Matrix computer algorithms have against Georgia. To boot, we are a full 100 points behind the Tide in the Harris Poll. I think the Tide will still be above Georgia, but barely.

Still, you have to think three things here: 1) If there are two more slip ups in front of us, we win in Atlanta, we likely play in Miami; 2) Alabama can be beaten; and 3) Notre Dame, Kansas State and Oregon still have some tough games to play. At this point, all Georgia can do is TCB against Georgia Southern and Tech, get to Atlanta ready to play and win there.

We win in Atlanta, we'll be ahead of Alabama anyway, right?



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