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November 18, 2012

Georgia Southern Recap

With three kids in tow yesterday, I didn't get to watch as much football as explain football, people, scoreboards, planes pulling banners, tiny bottles stuck down in boots and in purses, bands, and empty seats in the student section. We all had a great time.

Overall, what we saw is what we expected. Yes, Georgia got 'lucky' that the one chop block that was called happened when Southern was on the verge of scoring a go ahead touchdown. However, you can't think that changed everything. Would it have made the game a bit more of a heartburn inducing ride? Yes. Would it have changed the outcome? Probably only seven points.

Georgia's offense was fairly bland yesterday, by design. When we needed to move the ball, we did through the air. It looked like Georgia ran the ball on pretty basic plays, both to run the clock and to give the offense some reps doing so. We only had one serious pass blocking breakdown that I saw. Murray was his usual self, although there were a couple of receiver-QB miscommunication issues on routes. We saw Rome and Lynch continue to emerge as threats to catch passes. Southern did an effective job in stopping the run, but we didn't do much to get fancy on runs. Yes, that is what I am telling myself to feel better about 3.3 ypr.

As for the defense, we held them to exactly the same number of rushing yards Alabama did last year. We held them to seven fewer points. The final score there was 45-21. So there is your difference in that call.

This was a good game speed run through for Tech. Tech does some different things in blocking and will absolutely throw the ball more. It gave the linebackers a good idea what having to maintain contain and give strong backside pursuit means. Speaking of, Oglretree looked baller in that regard. He led the team in tackles.

No one got hurt (that I've heard about). We only had to punt the ball once. We had one weird special teams breakdown and one muffed punt, that we recovered. We socred 45 points and held Southern to 14. I'll take that.



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