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November 20, 2012

Hoop Dawgs Progress

If you'd said Georgia was only going to lose to the number one basketball team in the nation by 13, with the Dawgs playing strong defense and having to play most of the second half with their best inside option on the bench, I'd have taken that.  And that is exactly what we got last night.

We are still taking too many quick threes, but it looks like Fox has freed up the offense to be a bit more creative. Is that the best strategy for helping implement the triangle offense? Probably not. Is that the better strategy to try to give Georgia a puncher's chance at winning ballgames they should win? You bet.

We saw a confident and ready team last night. After losing to Youngstown State and Southern Miss, I'll take that. Big John looks stronger and held his own against Zeller. Donte was strong down low in streaks, but he still gets handsy on defense (although his fourth foul was tic tac). KCP and Neme are both playing to their potentials.

We play the defense we played in the first half for a full game, there are very few teams we won't stay in the gym with, as long as the offense doesn't just stagnate. It didn't do so last night.



Anonymous said...

The true highlight is that we got through an entire ESPN broadcast without Bob Knight slapping someone.

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