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November 13, 2012

Hoops Suggestion: Reserve Freakouts for Nov. 23rd

Quality teams have lost uglier games than last night in the past and rallied to have NCAA Tourney caliber seasons.  A loss like that is not the end of the world.  It's not a positive sign, but it's not a bullet proof indicator of our impending doom either.

I'd just like to ask that everyone wait until at least Nov. 23rd before we start venturing into full meltdown mode as it relates to basketball. In reality, Dec. 4th is the better date.

Here are the key dates to watch on the near horizon:
  • Nov. 15th - UGA hosts a well coached USM team
  • Nov. 19th - UGA vs. Indiana. Can we keep it quasi-competitive?
  • Nov. 20th - UGA vs. UCLA or Georgetown. Can we keep it competitive?
  • Nov. 22nd - The final day of the early signing period is Nov. 21st
  • Nov. 23rd - UGA hosts ETSU at home.
  • Nov. 30th - UGA at USF
  • Dec. 4th - UGA at GT in the new McThriller Dome
If Fox exits the Tech game at 5-3, that's not so bad given the situation, the roster (which is his own creation) and the schedule.  If he's 3-5 or worse, you can put this thing on an egg timer.

I believe this could sort itself out very quickly without a lot of saber rattling from the fan base.  Criticism is fine, but let's save the meltdown for another week or two.

Hopefully, the team will look better when Donte returns.



Paul Westerdawg said...

BTW - I'm not stupid or blind. But why cripple Fox or the next coach by thrashing Fox days before the early signing period open.

Anonymous said...

This elephant has been in the room for some time. I guess a few weeks more of ignoring it won't hurt.

Mr. Sanchez said...

Is there someone out there we might get in the signing period Paul? It's not like he's got an in with Brandon Greene we're trying to salvage here.

Tyler Dawgden said...

I think that is where PWD and I differ in opinion. I don't think there is, maybe some quiet JUCO guy. We definitely want to keep the kid from Tulsa in the fold, though.

It is still possible we get Cameron Blakely out of Winder or Davenport out of Atlanta.

Mr. Sanchez said...

and that's all well and good Tyler. And I see Paul's overall point that the in fighting and cutting down of the coach doesn't make the program look good to perspective hires. But if he signed anyone, and this thing went from bad to worse, the kid is gone either way. I'm hoping last night was an aberration, or a wake up call to get better recruiters on staff. But Fox has made his bed, now he lies in it.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Oh, I came close to writing the bag over the head post last night. The only thing that is keeping me from doing so is that we did the same thing last year until we simplified the offense. Out early season schedule is much harder this year, so skating by the Jacksonvilles of the world is not as likely.

We are a long way from threatening enough wins to make the NCAA tourney. Are we close to putting McGarity in the position of having to make a change? I think that is question is what Paul is getting at, which is why I walked back (a couple of steps) from the ledge. I can still see over it, mind you, but I'm not on it.

Paul Westerdawg said...

I believe in the wisdom of the coaching crowd. I don't believe in the wisdom of college students masquerading as recruiting experts

The bulk of the college recruiting world didnt target the bulk of our kids. That's a recipe for disaster.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we have to worry about Parker leaving for greener pastures after the summer he had on the courts. Danny Manning and Tulsa did not even pursue him.

His recruitment went a lot like that of Charles Mann and Brandon Morris. I am sure they are all nice kids, but they were never going to be signing with Memphis, UConn, and Florida.

JRod1229 said...

.. and after last night.

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