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November 28, 2012

How Brazil Got the Olympics

I'm pretty sure the Brazilian Olympic Bid Committee did this to each of the Selection Committee members.

This is hilarity. Confession: I have an unnatural fear of elevators, especially elevators when the lights go off. If Linda Blair were to show up in the elevator when the lights go out, I'm pretty sure the elevator would have to be closed for serious bio-hazard detox. There is nothing about my pride or need for safety that would overcome my urge to ball up in the fetal position and crap myself if this happened. I'm guessing everyone short of Herschel and Chuck Norris would do the same.



Kembul12 said...


Anonymous said...

They're lucky nobody had a heart attack. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Or took a swing at her.

Tyler Dawgden said...

That taking a swing thing sounds like a good plan. In reality, there is such cognitive dissonance between hitting the little girl from 6th sense and the impending dread of having a five year old Onryō after your ass that your only rational response is to release your bowels. A lot.

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