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November 6, 2012

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 10

  1. Alabama - Anyone thinking Alabama isn't the best team in the country has never been to Tiger Stadium after dark. Quite an impressive win, especially coming from behind.
  2. LSU - Zach Mettenberger wonders if he can face the Alabama defense every week.
  3. Georgia - [insert your own Mark Richt losing control of the football joke here]
  4. Florida - Made the Missouri game much closer than it need to be because of the inability to do that new fangled passing stuff.
  5. South Carolina - Remains to be seen what impact losing Lattimore has on the Gamecocks. Might not matter for a couple of weeks, but that Clemson game sure looms large.
  6. Texas A&M - Give the Aggies their due. A very impressive run has them all but locked up for the Cotton Bowl.
  7. Mississippi State - Dan Mullen's coaching genius only extends through October 21st, fools.
  8. Vandy - I'm not saying Mitch Barnhart is calling a coach from Nashville about the job open in Lexington, but he probably should.
  9. Mississippi - Winning the party...and first quarter...for 100 years.
  10. Arkansas - Get's first shot at South Carolina post Lattimore. Too bad defending the pass is the real problem with the Razorback defense.
  11. Missouri - First SEC road moral victory this week at Florida Field. 
  12. Tennessee - Tennessee is probably the best team in the Sun the state of Tennessee. Wait, is Middle Tennessee in the Sun Belt?
  13. Auburn - Gene Chizik is having Steve Spurrier level bitchfests about not getting Kentucky from the East this season.
  14. Kentucky - Been falling so long, it's like gravity's gone and you're just floating.
I really wanted to put Georgia up above LSU, but I just couldn't get my head around doing that, especially how well the Tigers played against Alabama. I also wanted to put Florida lower, but with the loss of Lattimore, I just couldn't justify it.


Anonymous said...

The UF comment is ironic. If Mizzou could pass the above above a middle school level, they win that game by 10 pts.

Anonymous said...

Excellent use of a DBT reference.

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the DBT lyric.

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