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November 13, 2012

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 11

With the impending doom of the SECs run, it is now apparent there are haves and have nots in the conference. The top six are all possible BCS teams. 
  1. Alabama - Old Bama: unbeatable. New Bama: Second best in the Big 12. Really?
  2. Georgia - Peaking at the right time. Yeah, it was just Auburn, but this same team struggled to put Tennessee away. That seems like a long time ago.
  3. LSU - Hey, that Zach Mettenberger guy is starting to come around. 
  4. Texas A&M - The Aggies would be leading the Big 12 by two games right now.
  5. Florida - An embarrassing display in celebrating the win over UL-L will tell you all you need to know about Florida's mindset right now. 
  6. South Carolina - They are set to raise the 'Beat the SEC East Champion two years in a row' banner already.
  7. Vandy - With his worse loss being to an already bowl eligible Northwestern, James Franklin's agent has got to be thinking extension.
  8. Mississippi State - It looks like Arkansas could end up being a make or break game for Mississippi State's season. 
  9. Mississippi - So, it looks like Ole Miss' season is either make or break on the Egg Bowl.
  10. Missouri - Got to be honest. Missouri playing the role of Tennesee butthurt administrator just feels right.
  11. Arkansas - There is too much talent on this team for them to be this bad. It is just unreal.
  12. Tennessee - Not only is there too much talent on this team to be this bad, it takes special coaching to make them this bad.
  13. Kentucky - At this point, you have to assume the Wildcats are just trolling Tennessee into thinking they can beat them at the end of the season.
  14. Auburn - If 2012 Auburn played 2008 Iowa State, would the Mayans actually be right?


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