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December 18, 2012

All quiet in bowl practices

The only interesting thing coming out of bowl practices so far is the news that Malcolm Mitchell will be a full time defensive offensive player going forward. Unless, of course, he isn't.

Anyway, I thought letting the team play wiffle ball on Sunday was genius. Putting aside the camaraderie and such of doing something unexpected, it allowed the team to play a game that let's them put the hard loss in Atlanta aside. Murray and others faced down the questions about spiking it, the hit, what they would do differently, 20/20 hindsight second guessing ad nauseum. They had fun on Sunday.

Playing a simple game allows the team to have a fresh start to prepare for Nebraska. Blutarsky said it best when he said
Lose to Nebraska and all that momentum that’s been building since the Cocktail Party – even through the SECCG loss – dissipates like a fart in the wind.
It took me a minute to get to this point. I was viewing the Capital One Bowl as nice little exhibition that wouldn't matter much. However, after thinking about opportunity for the team to go against another quality opponent and have a quality win to point to headed into next season could be key to any sort of run we might make.

We fought the real and perceived notion that Georgia couldn't compete at the highest level any more. Win against a 10 win team and do so convincingly, you give yourself some serious breathing room against those that write and say those things.



RedStripeDawg said...

First sentence, I think you mean offensive.

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