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December 7, 2012

Butch Jones hired by Tennessee

And just that fast, Tennessee goes and dashes all of our hopes and dreams for a public and protracted job search that ends with Houston Nutt hires Cincinnati head coach Butch Jones. Jones has a 50-27 record with three years each at Central Michigan and Cincinnati. He was Western Michigan's head coach when the Dawgs faced them in Sanford in the game that Knowshon did a triple lindy over a guy and moonwalked on his hands into the end-zone*.

Since he has a buzz cut, I am no longer jealous of the Tennessee coach's hair. The upside for Tennessee is that it is doubtful he'll bring his hair stylist/mistress/soon to be Bruce Pearl's next wife with him from Cincinnati  I expect he'll have a healthy respect for Skyline Chili and a bad Western Michigan accent, which should make for some hilarity during the first Big Orange meeting when the boosters find out his last name is Jones, not Davis.

I can't wait for the first time he asks for a whiskey and gets pissed it isn't Canadian Club.



SSB Charley said...

One correction: I believe Jones was the coach at Central Michigan, not Western.

BCDawg88 said...


I believe the Knowshon play you are referring to was actually against Central Michigan, not Western Michigan. Still a great play to look back on though!

Tyler Dawgden said...

Appreciate it. I kept telling myself Central, but typed Western.

Bank said...

+1 for Skyline Chili!

Anonymous said...

I believe Tenn got it right this time.

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