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December 13, 2012

First Take wishes they were talking about Tebow

The discussion on Robert Griffin was off the chain. Unreal.

Let's just say the who segment is best summed up as such:
You know a conversation has gone off the rails when Stephen A. Smith becomes the voice of reason.
But this makes me think of the other conversations they have had. How different is this conversation than the non stop glory fest about Tebow we've been subjected to? ESPN has gotten to the point that they can drive the conversation and set the agenda. Hell, I feel pretty confident that the Jets took a flyer on Tebow based on the amount of pub they knew they'd get from ESPN and other media outlets.

So, how does this segment stack up? Well, it certainly doesn't rank with Skip Bayless' going there early in the season, but now there is another ESPN personality on the same show bringing up RGIII's race.

If I had a guess, I'd say someone's demo numbers are lacking something and they are trying to get that pub. Can't wait for Deadspin to get on this.



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