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December 2, 2012

First thoughts on the SEC Championship Game

I'll have more in the coming days, I'm sure, but these are the things I'm thinking of this morning:

  • Heart. If anyone, I mean anyone, thinks Georgia 'doesn't show up in big games' or whatever, they can kiss my ass about this one. I haven't seen Chuck Oliver's douchebaggery/lack of balls, but I've heard from enough folks to know that in this instance, Coach Richt was right. We left everything on the field. 
  • Best game I've ever been to. If the SEC Network doesn't kick off their formal broadcast with this game, it is programming malpractice.
  • Offensive Line. They've (rightfully) taken heat at times this summer. For the record, this was a good game against a good defense. 
  • Defense. The rushing defense was not good. However, we got big goal line stops. We pressured McCarron. The one thing I think we didn't do well enough is break off blocks quickly enough to get a good tackle on Lacy and Yeldon. You have to give Lacy, Yeldon, and the Bama Oline credit, they did a great job in making Georgia pay on rushing plays.
This was a crazy game. Georgia never folded. Alabama never folded. There are a lot of reasons Bama won and Georgia didn't, but if Georgia scores and wins, those same reasons could be flip flopped and been valid. 


Unknown said...

Hardest loss I've ever been a part of as a player or fan. This will sting for some time. Congrats to Bama but I really want to applaud our players and coaches and staff for putting forth their best effort and playing like Champions. I hate it for our team, especially the guys leaving and seniors like RSIV, TK, Jarvis, Tree, Rambo, etc.

Aladawg said...

I love our coaches, our kids and the ton of heart they gave in this game. Scum like Oliver and Paul F***Baum are just like most Bama fans. They suck pond scum and don't know where Toothaloosa is. Those few that went to school there or kids went there are good fans, but most don't even know where the school is. They cheer because they win. I've been there when they weren't winning and the fans disappear. Look at how many student tickets they didn't pick up. They are spoiled and they will fall and when they fall they will crash and burn. I lived in Alabama for 25 years after graduating from UGA. We all have some bad fans, but Bama has them 100 fold. they think they are entitled. Sorry, I'm hurting for our kids and Coach Richt today.

Anonymous said...

It's one thing to be upset after a loss, but to bash a team's fans? This post had nothing to do with Bama fans. I was born and lived in GA but currently attend the University of Alabama and one thing I can say is this: every Bama fan I know has the upmost respect for UGA. We never play you guys so we have never had a reason to hate ya'll. As a matter of fact, I know TONS of Bama fans who pull for UGA when they don't play Bama. I know we have a lot of bandwagon fans, but don't all "winning" teams do? Don't base your hatred of our fans on those who aren't real fans. If that were the case then every school would have terrible fans. And i'm not just talking about those fans that go to UA or are alumi. Even the fans who never were able to attend the university are respectable. I'll give you, not all are, but not "most". UGA played a great game, the players played their hearts out and gave Bama a run for their money. THAT is a reason to celebrate, not be sour over and complain about things that aren't even related.
Good luck in the Capital One bowl,
Friendly Bama Fan.

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