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December 5, 2012

Gus Malzahn cleans house at Auburn

You're fired.
A couple of thoughts on this.
  • Of the guys that were still there, only a few worked with Malzahn. 
  • The most important of those was Trooper Taylor. I would be shocked if he doesn't end up with some awesomely titled job in athletic administration or fundraising. That is what happens when you have the keys to the closet that all the skeletons are in.
  • I'm not surprised, save Trooper. Seems to me to be the only way to have a completely clean break for the team and fans. If he keeps anyone around and have that part of the team suck, he is opening himself up to a lack of judgement. He gets at least three years with his own guy in there.
  • I'd be on the phone with a top flight defensive guy right now; someone who is seen as a superb motivator and talent evaluator. If that guy can recruit any and have a connection to Auburn all the better. That guy's phone rings in Athens, by the way.
So, any chance Rodney Garner goes to Auburn?



WilBuchanan14 said...

What about Reuben Foster? Does he decommitt from Auburn now? And what about the other recruits?

Tyler Dawgden said...

I think Foster is in play, depending on where Trooper ends up. If he stays at Auburn in some capacity, he probably stays with Auburn. If he gets cut loose and doesn't land anywhere, I don't see him going to Auburn.

It is hard to see him not landing anywhere, but who knows what his actual baggage is, especially with new allegation that are floating around.

Anonymous said...

If they want someone who can't coordinate a defense, then yes, there's a chance.

Some would argue that he can't even coordinate the defensive line.

WilBuchanan14 said...

I'm strongly debating whether we even want Foster or not. It's starting to seem like he's gonna have a lot more baggage than previously thought, even after the tatoo, especially with these comments: Sounds like another Isaiah Crowell to me.

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