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December 23, 2012

I'm so confused!

Dawgs beat Southern Cal 64-56.

I didn't think we had much of a shot in this game. At. All.

However, we played tough basketball. We pursued the ball when SC was on offense. We won a physical game that the officials let get physical. We didn't lose our composure or stop playing solid defense. We didn't give up contesting shots underneath when SC started feeding the ball down low.

Let me be clear, Southern Cal isn't a great basketball team. They might not even be good. They are talented. Very talented. We can debate their coaching; Kevin O'Neill made some head scratching decisions, as he has done his whole career. Still, this was a win over a physical and talented team with a big inside presence and a decent point guard.

Just like about 8 teams in the SEC.

KCP goes off with 25, but Mann, Cannon and Morris had huge impacts in this game. The young guys are coming through. I guess that is the upside take away. The downside is why in the hell didn't we play these guys earlier in the season when we were freaking losing to Southern Miss?

Good win for the Dawgs. Head scratching and maddening, but good.



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