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December 20, 2012

Mama called: Rodney Garner going to Auburn

I didn't think it would happen, but Rodney Garner has taken a job at Auburn. Same title as at Georgia (Dline coach and Assistant Head Coach).

This is a big deal for Georgia, as he is the head recruiting guy. Not sure what happened or why we didn't find a way to keep him, but the Dawgs have some ground to cover to keep the class in place. If I had to guess, I'd say we'll see what happens and Darryl Jones works to keep the class together.

After 15 years in Athens, Garner decided he should finally go home.



Anonymous said...

Garner always flirted leaving in order to get a raise. I think this time Richt and McGarity told him to take the job. Richt and Grantham have a chance to make an upgrade. I don't see this as a negative.

heyberto said...

It sounds like we probably didn't get a chance to counter. I'm surprised, but after 15 years and him hitting a ceiling here, I can understand wanting a change of scenery, but I'm surprised he took a parallel position, even at Auburn. Thanks Rodney, you will be missed.

Dash said...

Leaving the door open for... our worst nightmare. Trooper Taylor.

Anonymous said...

If John Lilly isn't named the new recruiting coordinator, someone really needs to ask Richt why he has him taking up a staff position. Use that slot for a special teams coach or another defensive coach (to even out the number of coaches on both sides of the ball).

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