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December 8, 2012

NoMoreFrontButt Invitational Pick'em

In honor of Mike Carroll's run away win in the JacksonDawg Memorial Pick'em contest, we are happy to present the NoMoreFrontButt Invitational College Bowl Pick'em.

We'll do this just like the regular season. Go sign up to participate. We'll use confidence points for all bowl games, meaning you will assign the most points to the pick you feel most comfortable about and the least to the pick you feel least comfortable about.  The first bowl game is December 15th, with the pool locking just before the Little Ceasar's Bowl on December 26th.

The point spread will be supplied for informational purposes only. You are not picking against the spread.

We are very happy to partner with Fun Office Pools again. They have a simple interface that is quite user friendly, and they easily have the most responsive customer service of any like website on the Net.



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