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December 4, 2012

Spike or not spike: What should Georgia have done?

Much is being made about Georgia's decision to run a play from the 8 yard line with :15 on the clock at the end of the SEC Championship game. When we lined up and we didn't immediately get a play off, I knew we weren't spiking it, and I was fine with that. We had Alabama back on their heels, we had the personnel we wanted in the game, and we had momentum. Besides, think about how we have looked coming out of stoppages of play this season. I was fine with the decision to play on.

However, I can this say without a doubt: I have no freaking idea what I would have done there if I were a coach for Georgia. Anyone that says otherwise is just yaking their gums unless they were involved in the game planning/practicing for these situations. It seems everyone that wasn't involved in the decision knows exactly what they would have done.

Those that say they know
what they'd do
Those that would do the right
thing at that time, every time
Steve Spurrier
Thomas Davis
Produce guy at Publix
Da Bears
My Daughter
Gerald from Uvalda
James Bond
Mark May
Bill Belichick, probably

I'm not going to debate the merits of one approach over the other. Georgia didn't lose the game there. Alabama beat Georgia due to their offensive line's superiority over our defensive front in the second half. Alabama wasn't a better team, either. They just happened to score last. Had the back shoulder fade not been tipped or if Conley doesn't catch the ball or if whatever, and Georgia scores, everyone on that list above (except Spurrier) would have been praising the decision, including the few unknowledged that called for Richt and Bobo to be fired immediately after the game.

As it stands, Georgia didn't score last. They did play their asses off and were 14 feet short going to Miami to play in the BCS National Championship. From where I sat, the coaches did a great job in taking what Alabama was giving on both sides of the ball. We could barely find the answer to their All-American line busting holes for their running backs in the same way they barely found an answer to our quick out passes, which was what were were trying to runon that last play.



Anonymous said...

The first thing out of my mouth when they tackled Lynch was to spike the ball. Richt & Bobo have forgotten more football than I could ever know so if they felt the best opportunity to win was to keep it going then that is probably what was best. They were prepared ... they had a play called and it just didn't work.

If it had worked then it was a genius call.

Guess what we could have spiked it, allowed Alabama time to call a blitz and saw our hopes go down with a sack of Aaron Murray too.

MarkS31 said...

Well said. Given how good their o-line is, it's telling of how good a game the Dawgs played that they were even in a position to win the game at the end. Coaches and players alike did a damn good job. I know how close we came to Miami, but I'm proud of this team and the direction of the team in general. Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

I'm critical of the coaches when I think it's warranted and I don't think it's warranted in this case. I haven't heard a good explanation yet for why spiking the ball was clearly the better move (and I even think it would have given us 3 plays and not 2).

However, what I still don't understand is how our NFL stacked defense got absolutely run over.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Our NFL stacked defense got ran over because their NFL first round draft pick offensive line ran over them, especially as the game wore on.

Dawgfan Will said...

And because our offense went three-and-out at some really inopportune times.

soppinwetdawg said...

The only reason I would have spiked the ball was to tell the receivers that if they weren't in the endzone, don't touch the ball or slap it down. At least there would have been the chance for one more play. Otherwise, it was a good call.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess you're right. We don't have any 1st round draft picks on defense.

Tyler Dawgden said...

We don't have three first rounders on the line.

Anonymous said...

Here are Alabama's rushing totals for SEC games:

against teams with a .500 or better conference record

Miss St (4-4) 179 yds
LSU (6-2) 166
Texas A&M (6-2) 122

against teams with a below .500 conference record

Arkansas (2-6) 225 yds
Ole Miss (3-5) 125
Missouri (2-6) 362
Tennessee (1-7) 233
Auburn (0-8) 267

That's an average of 155 yds against the .500 or better teams and an average of 242 against the below .500 teams.

They had 350 against us. That's more than they had against 7 of the 8 other conference teams they played. Forgetting their Missouri game for a moment, their next highest total was against Auburn and that was 83 yards below what they gained against us.

If those numbers don't tell you that our run defense was absolutely pathetic and horrible in this game, I don't know what will.

And we don't exactly have chopped liver in our front 7 either.

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