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December 9, 2012

What if they held a basketball game and the ACC Championship Game broke out?

Last night in Reliant Stadium, there were only 2800 people for the UCLA v. Texas basketball game. I'm sure there are reasons a game between those two teams in Houston would pull a Georgia vs. East Tennessee crowd, but the real problem is maybe the push for more games in stadia has reached it's peak. I've been to many games in packed stadiums for college basketball and can say that I am a fan of those venues for certain events.

But fewer than 3000 in Reliant is just sad. Good Lord, it would have been a terrible crowd for the Toyota Center's 18,000 seats, much less the 43,000 Reliant has in it's basketball set up. Nearly 45 years after UCLA played Houston in the Astrodome to set the then attendance record for college basketball, it is probable UCLA played Texas and set the record for most empty seats for a college basketball game.

(Image: Getty)

(Image: SBN)
Both teams have their issues, not the least of which for UCLA is their losing two players to voluntary transfer a week ago, but when you can't get more than 2800 college basketball fans in a city of 6 million people in the state of Texas, it is time to re-evaluate both scheduling and venue if you are both programs.



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